About Us

My grandmother always said, "you get more flies with honey than vinegar," a phrase that guides how one should treat others. She taught me to love, serve and support others relentlessly and with compassion. However, in my servitude as a daughter, wife, mother, counselor, educator, and friend, I lost sight of myself and burnt out quickly. 

Three5ths HONEY Is a healing manifestation come true for those kissed by the sun. It is a reminder of lived experiences, values, skills, and a call to action to be mindful of how one cares for their emotional and physical well-being. Three5ths Honey believes that we, the people, are whole, sweet, powerful, activating, and pure similar to nature’s nectar.

“I manifested the Three-5ths HONEY self-care box for my community to embrace rest, self-exploration, validation, power, and balance. I want to extend grace and give my community access to wellness through mindful activities that will aid in self-love, self-awareness and self-acceptance. When I chose self-care, the sun began to shine and warm my spirit. I felt purposeful and my garden blossomed into a family of five! Like a bee, I am willing to work from flower to flower to highlight the benefits of self-care and remind others of their value, beauty, and sweetness so that the collective can heal and produce greatness.”

Three 5ths HONEY is an affirmation, challenge, and life-long practice of self-care.

Rooting for you and I am rooted for you!